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Personalizing Your Full-Funnel Customer Acquisition Strategy

We all love a brand that makes us feel special. We feel like we’ve reached the jackpot when we find a brand that delivers exactly what we were thinking about or looking for. Moreover, when that brand fits seamlessly into our lives from discovery to delivery, we’re more apt to rave about it. A smart customer acquisition strategy takes all of this into consideration.   Improvements in data and tracking for ecommerce-based brands has created a competitive marketplace for catching the hearts and attention of lifetime customers. Getting a new customer into the customer acquisition funnel can feel like half the battle, and

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Grow Commerce by Taking Search, Social and Video to the Next Level

What’s old is new in the world of marketing, with teams and channels constantly innovating and evolving to reach their customers in new and interesting ways. In the digital age, the foundations of search, social and video lay the groundwork for much of how consumers interact with the brands they love and discover daily. This year’s CommerceNext included a panel with executives from startups, subscription services, DTC brands and solution providers to compare how these leaders achieved the new and noteworthy in their efforts to grow commerce. Emily Hickey, Founder at Chief Detective Growth Consulting asked our panelists about the advantages of search,

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How Walmart Adapts Customer Experience for the Digital Shopper

Walmart.com is anything but basic. The retailer is perhaps best known for their sprawling stores across the US, a one-stop shop for everything you could ever need. Denise Incandela, Head of Fashion for Walmart.com sat down with Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reporter Sarah Nassauer to talk about her team’s efforts to expand beyond the realm of basics and establish Walmart as a fashion destination as well as a catch-all for your day to day needs. By overhauling their digital channels to create a more editorial and explorative customer experience, the team at Walmart develops a customer acquisition strategy fueled by testing new brands

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Media Recap: Catch Up on Our 2019 Ecommerce Conference

The 2019 CommerceNext Ecommerce Conference was a huge success! We saw an incredible 122% increase in attendees since 2018 with over 900 retailers, vendors, and speakers, and an exceptional Net Promoter Score among conferences. We’re working hard to kick off planning for 2020; in the meantime, we’d like to share what the media had to say about this year’s ecommerce conference. Catch up on what you missed and refresh on the sessions you saw this summer, and stay tuned for announcements about CommerceNext 2020 coming next month!   INC.- The Top 5 ecommerce Conferences for 2019 and 2020 Inc. Magazine named CommerceNext one

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Customer Experience and Community as the Ultimate Marketing Tool

If you spend time online, you’ve undoubtedly heard of cult-favorite beauty brand Glossier. Moreover, you’ve probably seen their ultra-chic and Instagram-worthy pink and vibrant red branding not on an ad, but in the social content of someone you know. Glossier’s community of raving fans is a large part of what drives their brand awareness, with individuals sharing their beauty routines with the world via social media. This loyalty and passion stem from the customer experience Glossier creates. As a direct to consumer brand, Glossier takes a unique approach to customer experiences beyond your typical beauty counter which has helped propel their digital marketing

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The Power of Storytelling as a Customer Acquisition Strategy

With three years of mattress marketing backed by nearly thirty years of technological advancements, Purple has made a name for themselves as more than a mattress company. At CommerceNext 2019, Joe Megibow, CEO of Purple Mattress, shared how Purple not only innovated on their patented signature polymer grid but also in their use of storytelling to drive customer acquisition and direct to consumer sales. Megibow has been with Purple since October of 2018 as CEO, previously serving as the chief digital officer for American Eagle Outfitters. He discusses his unique approach to reaching an audience beyond the realm of brick and mortar mattress

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