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General Assembly Interview with Kieran Luke

CommerceNext Speaker Interview: Kieran Luke, GM, General Assembly

As a preview to the upcoming panel titled “The Ingredients of a Successful Marketing Team” at this year’s ecommerce conference, Kieran Luke (GA’s GM Credentials) and Brittney Kleinfelter (Marketing Director at CommerceNext) talked through marketing team design and the standard levels, assessments and courses set by General Assembly’s Standards Board. General Assembly (GA) put together a standards board of 13 CMOs to crack the code on ensuring long-lasting team success. They have established a set of standards and certifications for performance marketing that can help define skill requirements and expectations across the data science and digital marketing fields. Luke runs this program, which

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Loyalty Panel

New Panel Announcement: Sephora, Thrive Market, Party City + Pebble Post

In this Day 1 panel at this year’s ecommerce conference, our panelists specializing in direct to consumer brands include Andrea Zaretsky (SVP, CRM & Loyalty), Sunil Kaki (SVP of Marketing at Thrive Market), Liesel Walsh (VP, CRM, Loyalty and Insights at Party City), Lewis Gersh (CEO, PebblePost), who will guide us through “Unlocking the Secrets to Loyalty and Retention.”   Why this panel topic? Given how much retailers and direct to consumer brands invest in customer acquisition, we would be remiss not to cover the other side of the equation—retention. Capitalizing on retention and commanding loyalty from existing customers is critical to a company’s

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Benchmarking Research Report

Research Report: How Does Your Performance Marketing Measure Up To Your Peers?

CommerceNext Releases Free Benchmarking Report Based on a Survey of Retailers and DTC Brands Ecommerce performance marketing is constantly changing. The investments and programs that worked well one year may not perform as well the next. New media consumption habits, consumer trends and advancements in technology force us to stay on our toes. To be successful as an ecommerce marketer means you constantly study the customer, the platforms and channels. It’s also crucial to stay on top of what competitors are doing. To help retailers and direct to consumer brands better determine whether they’re focusing on the right things as they advance their

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100 More Spots Opened By Popular Demand for CommerceNext 2019

We’re still 78 days away from this year’s ecommerce conference and we’re busting at the seams! Due to an overwhelming response from retail and DTC brands, we’ve worked with the Hyatt to open up 100 more passes in anticipation of more than 800 attendees. This retail and ecommerce conference for next level customer acquisition is scheduled for July 31 and August 1, 2019, in the heart of New York City. This is the first year we will be hosting at the Grand Hyatt for a full two-day experience with almost double the content. Take a look at the brands who will be joining

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Walmart and Glossier

Announcing Keynote Speakers from Walmart and Glossier at CommerceNext 2019

CommerceNext 2019 is less than 90 days away! Today, we’re excited to announce two more keynotes for this year’s ecommerce conference: Denise Incandela, SVP and Group General Manager of Fashion for Walmart ecommerce, and Ali Weiss, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Glossier. Incandela is a visionary retail executive who has delivered growth and transformation for brands and specialty retailers for over 20 years. An expert in brand building, retail, digital and marketing, she has a proven track record of exceeding revenue and profit targets, positioning businesses as market-leading performers, and achieving award-winning results. Currently, Incandela is the SVP and Group General Manager

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CommerceNext Event Agenda

CommerceNext 2019 Agenda Announced!

We’re excited to announce our full agenda for CommerceNext 2019, taking place on July 31st & August 1st in NYC. Developed in partnership with our advisory board, the agenda of our ecommerce conference focuses on the fast-paced, high-stakes world of customer acquisition. Whatever your preferred learning and networking style may be, we have something for you. For the first time, CommerceNext will be two full days of keynotes, panels, breakout sessions and roundtables—all focused on next level and next-generation customer acquisition strategies and tactics. The conference concludes with the second annual CommerceNexty Awards honoring retailers and DTC brands for extraordinary achievements in digital

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How Estee Lauder Engages Customers with Micro-Storytelling

How Estee Lauder Engages Customer Experience with Micro-Storytelling

“Telegraph, telephone, tell-a-woman.” —Estée Lauder Every brand has a story to tell, but just how many brands understand the art of storytelling? Even before the rise of the internet and smartphones, Estée Lauder, the founder of Estée Lauder Companies, knew the importance and complexities of telling stories to connect and capture an audience. At the 2018 CommerceNext conference, Tricia Nichols, Senior Vice President of Customer Marketing at Estée Lauder, shared how her team successfully harnesses the art of micro-storytelling to capture an audience, share brand values and create customer loyalty. Micro-Storytelling and Brand Bonding The goal of micro-storytelling is fostering brand bonding—the building

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Session: Speakers from General Assembly, Priceline and Bonobos

2019 Panel Announcement: Bonobos, Priceline And General Assembly Take The Stage

On Day two of this year’s ecommerce conference, Micky Onvural (CEO, Bonobos), Ben Harrell (CMO, Priceline), and Kieran Luke (GM Credentials, General Assembly/GA) break it all down in their session, “The Ingredients of a Successful Marketing Team.” Why this panel topic? These ecommerce marketing leaders see team curation as both an art and a science. When starting from scratch, it’s critical to understand the vital skills and components that a modern marketing team requires. Just as important, leaders have to anticipate and adapt to the needs of an evolving marketing organization as a company grows. Given the multitude of challenges digital marketers face—driving

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Getting Under The Hood With Attribution: Meet Our Panel

Attribution is one of marketing’s biggest headaches. It’s also an absolute necessity for measuring incrementality and managing ROI. With so many differing opinions on how best to handle attribution, retailers often find themselves struggling for real answers amongst the noise. With multi-touch attribution, models can be difficult to build out and maintain, often requiring a data science team or specialized partners. Some retailers have defaulted to last-click attribution, which has it’s pitfalls given it’s bias towards lower-funnel marketing tactics. Then, there’s the question of which metric should be used for optimizing media? Should it be return on ad spend (RoAS), cost per aquisition

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West Elm Bedroom Bundle Offered on Rent the Runway COURTESY OF WEST ELM

Forbes + CommerceNext: Are Rentals The Next Frontier For Retail?

ARTICLE SUMMARY: When Rent the Runway (RTR) stormed onto the fashion scene, it created an entirely new retail audience: clothes renters. Other companies, like Le Tote, quickly followed suit (no pun intended), getting into the fashion rental business capturing this lucrative and novel group of consumers. Now, RTR is back to breaking into new markets. This time, that market is home rentals. Partnering with West Elm, the two companies formed two packages to offer on RTR’s site—one for bedrooms and one for living room decor. The first home furnishings and decor companies to venture into this space in recent years were Feather and

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