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Pride Month Webinar—LGBTQ+ Issues In Ecommerce & The Workplace

In our recent webinar, LGBTQ+ Issues in Ecommerce & the Workplace, Kate Delhagen, (Founder of Oregon Sports Angels) led a discussion on how companies can expand their awareness on LGBTQ+ issues and how equality can be further strengthened both in and outside of the workplace. Delhagen was joined by Jim Hilt (President of Shutterfly), Myke Mansberger (VP Head of People at Bombas) and Doug Jensen (SVP Go-to-Market Analytics & Activation and Learning Center of Excellence of Estée Lauder). Read the recap below or watch the replay here.   PANEL DISCUSSION WITH Q+A CELEBRATING PRIDE MONTH IN ECOMMERCE & RETAIL The conversation opens with

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Personalized Messaging Matters: Strategies For Connecting With Consumers

In our latest webinar, Personalized Messaging Matters: Strategies for Connecting with Consumers, Allen Levy (CEO of Alchemy Worx) presented on why personalized messaging matters and shared strategies to further connect with customers. Levy was later joined by Christine Monaghan, VP Digital of Astral Brands, Bobby Missry, Director of eCommerce at AS Beauty and Emily Cult, CEO of Cover FX (fmr) to discuss why message testing is critical, as well as how to utilize messaging to both keep existing customers in the buying cycle and bring past customers back into the fold. You can read the recap below or watch the replay here.  SESSION

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CNSS Session Recap: “How JTV’s Digital Foundation Is Helping It Embrace Its Post Pandemic Future” with JTV and Bluecore

At our 2021 Spring Summit, Kathleen Stockham, Senior Director of Digital Marketing at JTV and Sarah Cascone, Sr. Director of Marketing at Bluecore, led the session “How JTV’s Digital Foundation is Helping it Embrace Its Post Pandemic Future.” Stockham divulged the best marketing and tech investments that helped them make JTV successful during the pandemic and how they’re taking those lessons into the next normal. Read the recap below or watch the replay here. SESSION RECAP JTV’S MARKETING FOCUS DURING 2020 Ecommerce soared during 2020 when consumers began to find solace in online retail as a way to escape from the daily schedule

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Winning 2021 with CRM & LTV as Growth Drivers

From our latest webinar, Winning 2021 with CRM & LTV as Growth Drivers, Karen DiClemente (Senior Strategy Director of Listrak) shared how retail and brand experts reenvisioned personalization marketing strategies for new customers acquired in 2020. DiClemente was later joined by Zack Abbell, VP of E-commerce at TULA Skincare, Andrea Moore, SVP Digital, E-Commerce and Consumer Insights at NEST New York and Max Lishansky, CMO at Outerknown to further explore this exciting topic. Read the recap below or watch the replay here. SESSION RECAP: WHAT WE LEARNED IN 2020 Listrak opened the session by reviewing their main 2020 takeaways about personalization: Increasing send

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