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Hot Topics: What You’ll Learn at the CommerceNext Growth Show

Today’s consumers are tech-savvy and have high expectations, often outpacing what retailers and brands can deliver. This challenge, however, presents a unique opportunity for innovation. CommerceNext is dedicated to helping retailers bridge this gap by providing essential tools, skills, and connections, empowering them to stay ahead and maintain a competitive edge.   If you’re heading to the CommerceNext Growth Show in NYC, you’re in for an exceptional experience! With over 150 speakers and more than 2,500 attendees, this event is a prime opportunity to gain valuable insights and forge meaningful connections. The sessions at the CommerceNext Growth Show are designed to help you

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Pride Month 2024

Celebrating Pride: Lessons Learned and Brands Leading the Way

Pride Month is a time for celebration, reflection and progress. It serves as an important reminder of the LGBTQ+ community’s resilience, struggles and victories throughout history. Many brands participate in Pride Month, translating their values of diversity and inclusion into impactful campaigns.  According to data from Gallup, 7.6% of the U.S. population now identifies as LGBTQ+. Notably, this percentage is higher among younger generations: more than 1 in 5 members of Gen Z identify as LGBTQ+, along with nearly 10% of Millennials. These significant numbers underscore the importance of supporting and advocating for this community. As we embark on Pride Month, it’s crucial

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The Future of On-Site Personalization: Best Practices 

Ecommerce success is no longer just about engaging customers–it’s about creating tailored experiences that resonate on a personal level. An Epsilon study shows that 80% of consumers are more likely to do business with a company when it offers them personalized experiences, and 90% find personalization appealing. These figures highlight why personalization is not just beneficial but essential in the modern marketing playbook.  A recent CommerceNext webinar, “Leveling Up On-Site Personalization in 2024,” brought together industry experts to dive deep into the evolving landscape of on-site personalization in retail and DTC brands.  Speakers:  Parvez Patel, VP Omni-Channel eCommerce & Digital Experiences, NAPA Auto

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Marketing Campaign

Mother’s Day Marketing: Key Trends for Retailers

Mother’s Day presents a golden opportunity for brands to connect with over 85.4 million mothers across the United States. With an average expenditure of over $200 on gifts for this occasion, ignoring its potential could mean missing out on significant revenue. As Mother’s Day campaigns have evolved in recent years, it’s crucial to stay ahead by recognizing the emerging trends. We’ve pinpointed these trends to guide your planning and ensure your campaigns resonate effectively The Art of Customer-Centric Storytelling Storytelling is a powerful tool for engaging audiences, especially around holidays and special occasions when shoppers want to make an emotional impact on their

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Ecommerce Events

The Top Ecommerce Conferences: Your event calendar for 2024

With so many ecommerce events coming up in 2024, each promising top-notch speakers, engaging topics and valuable networking opportunities, choosing which ones to attend can be overwhelming. To make it easy to pick the best events for you, we’ve curated a list of 10 must-attend ecommerce conferences for the year, ensuring you have a top-tier event to look forward to each month. 1. Shoptalk Date & Location: March 17-20, Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas  Topics: Employing AI to transform your business Harnessing brand power and building brand trust Building loyalty via seamless customer journeys Creating unified retail experiences Navigating changing industry relationships   Main

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Greening Your Business: 5 Sustainable Shifts for Year-Round Impact

While Earth Day brings our environmental responsibilities into sharp focus, the truth is, that sustainability demands our attention every single day. It’s about making conscious choices across all operations – from sourcing to packaging to the way we manage logistics. The aim is clear: build an ecosystem that’s beneficial for the planet, profitable for businesses and positive for consumers. The market for green marketing is witnessing significant growth, projected to escalate from approximately $49.25 billion in 2021 to $60.81 billion by 2027, growing at an annual rate of 3.58%. This underscores a critical shift towards strategies that meet consumer demands while minimizing environmental

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Unlock Your 2024 With AI: The Playbook for Ecommerce

Unlock Your Year With AI: The Playbook for Ecommerce

In 2024, you have to make an impact with AI. The smartest and most innovative retail and ecommerce companies are embracing AI. It’s changing how they work and engage with their customers. To shed light on this topic, a recent CommerceNext webinar featured experts from the industry who shared their valuable insights and strategies for the successful implementation of AI. Speakers:  Mike Dupuis, Chief Digital Officer, SPARC Group  Jenna Flateman Posner, Chief Digital Officer, Solo Brands Colleen Waters, Senior Director Ecommerce, Steve Madden Jason Seeba, Chief Marketing Officer, Session AI Moderated by: Jill Dvorak, Chief Content Officer, CommerceNext Watch the replay here or

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During the "2024 Digital Retail Forecast: Opportunities, Challenges, and Strategies" webinar, it became clear that the key lies in prioritizing essential conversion points and adapting to changing consumer behaviors, even if it means reimagining traditional sales funnels into more streamlined processes.

2024 Digital Retail Forecast: Opportunities, Challenges and Strategies

Dive into our recap of the “2024 Digital Retail Forecast: Opportunities, Challenges and Strategies” webinar, where we explored the shifting landscape of digital retail. This session was focused on the transformative effects of generative AI, evolving marketplace trends, logistical excellence and the significance of ethical and sustainable practices in retail. Our panel of industry experts shared actionable insights and strategies to navigate the digital retail challenges and opportunities awaiting in 2024.  Watch the replay below or read the summary below. Speakers: Sucharita Kodali, VP and Principal Analyst, Forrester Research Simeon Siegel, Managing Director, Senior Analyst: Retail and eCommerce BMO Capital Markets Sarah Rasmusen, Former

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Shoptalk event

Top 5 Things To Do At Shoptalk

Heading to Shoptalk? From March 17-20, Mandalay Bay in Vegas will buzz with top industry pros and cool companies. It’s a big event, so planning is key. We’ll show you the five must-dos, from great networking to awesome sessions. 

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Must See TV: How to Use Linear and Streaming TV to Drive Revenue

Must See TV: How to Use Linear and Streaming TV to Drive Revenue

Discover the secrets of successful TV advertising with ‘Must See TV: How to Use Linear and Streaming TV to Drive Revenue.’ This webinar, featuring insights from industry leaders at Bed Bath & Beyond, Adore Me, and Marketing Architects, delves into innovative strategies for leveraging TV for audience growth and revenue enhancement.

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