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CommerceNext Restarts In-Person Conferences

New Advisory Board Members Announced New York, April 15, 2021 – CommerceNext, a community and conference for marketers at retail and direct-to-consumer brands, today announces that it’s restarting in-person conferences, beginning with CommerceNext IRL, scheduled for September 28-29, 2021, at the New York Hilton Midtown. More than 600 ecommerce and retail executives are expected to attend and gather in person for the first time since the Covid pandemic shut down in-person gatherings in March 2020. CommerceNext will follow CDC guidelines and venue protocols to ensure the safety of its attendees. “With the acceleration of vaccinations, we now have the confidence to prepare for

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Holiday 2020 Shipping: Expectations From Retailers And Shoppers

With ecommerce continuing to grow in popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 ecommerce holiday season is expected to shatter all previous sales records. But, there are concerns on the horizon about shipping and fulfillment challenges. You might be reading about the pending ecommerce holiday shipping challenges, such as this article from Modern Retail. CommerceNext is following this topic closely and we have two useful resources for our community: Original research completed earlier this month with data from a survey of 63 retail executives and 1,000+ consumers. You can download the 7-page CommerceNext Research Brief, which highlights all the findings. Webinar recording from

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The Big Pivot: How Traditional and Digital-first Retailers Re-prioritized Marketing Investments in the Wake of COVID-19.

CommerceNext Annual Report: A Closer Look At Marketing Investment Priorities Post-COVID

With less than one week to go before the CommerceNext Virtual Summit on July 28-29, we’re giving you a first look at our second annual retail marketing benchmark report. This free report is full of useful data about how brands have shifted their retail marketing priorities in response to the pandemic. Download the full report now: The Big Pivot: How Traditional and Digital-first Retailers Re-prioritized Marketing Investments in the Wake of COVID-19. How we did it Like last year, we conducted a survey of senior-level marketing executives to gauge which strategies, technologies and channels they were planning to invest in for 2020. The

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How Will COVID-19 Change Shopping Habits?

As new COVID-19 infection rates, deaths and other daily measures begin to taper, consumers cautiously peek out of their blinds and begin to imagine a future beyond COVID-19. History tells us that seminal events impact us for years after. The Great Depression created a generation that was forever frugal. September 11th compelled all Americans to question their fundamental safety in ways that persist two decades later. COVID-19 will not be an exception. To understand where consumers’ minds are today, CommerceNext partnered with BizRate Insights to survey Americans about what they have done differently because of the threat of COVID-19 and how they expect

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Conversations With CommerceNext: CEO Perspective on Consumer Behavior in the New Normal

CommerceNext is excited to share the first episode of our new video interview series called Conversations with CommerceNext, in which we feature short video conversations with different retail and ecommerce industry leaders.  In our first episode, we interviewed Exponea CEO Peter Irikovský about digital transformation and new customer behavior in the COVID-19 era. Interviewee Bio Before founding Exponea to help ecommerce executives grow their businesses, Irikovský walked in their shoes as the CEO of Czechloslovakian-based Slevomat. He turned that company from a startup into a successful e-commerce enterprise with over €100 million in revenue. Interview Snapshot I caught up with Irikovský in his

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CommerceNext + GiftNow: A Partnership That Keeps On Giving

Everyone likes getting gifts. And, CommerceNext loves giving gifts to people who are part of our community. Sometimes, however, you may like that gift even more if it were a different color or better fitting size. Or, maybe a different style all together would suit your taste better. Perhaps the gift arrived at your old address and now you have to coordinate pickup.  With these nuances of gift-giving in mind, CommerceNext is announcing a new partnership with Loop Commerce for gifting using their GiftNow solution. Now, CommerceNext will be able to confidently give gifts to our community we know they will end up

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