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Forbes + CommerceNext: Three Unique Ways Brandless Uses Community To Fuel Growth

ARTICLE SUMMARY: How can you break into the monster industry of consumer packaged goods, do good, grow quickly and build a loyal brand community? Brandless knows. When you think of Kelloggs or Kraft or even your favorite local, organic honey that you indulgently glob into your tea every morning, you may love the taste and be a diehard fan of the products, but you don’t necessarily connect emotionally with the brand and engage with that company personally. Brandless wants its customers to look at it differently. Brandless believes in cultivating strong, authentic connections directly with its customers. They focus on building brand loyalty

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NRF Innovation Lab videos

We hit the Innovation Lab at NRF, and it was a hit!

With so much to do at NRF Big Show this year, we understand if you didn’t get a chance to see our CommerceNext founders host two riveting panels on 2018 retail innovations. Luckily, we have the video to catch you up to speed. Check out Veronika Sonsev and Scott Silverman joining Allan Dick on his Innovation Lab stage with 7 inspiring industry leaders. THREE NEW SEARCH TECHNOLOGIES: GET THE RIGHT PRODUCTS AT THE RIGHT TIME PREDICTING THE FUTURE OF RETAIL: A VC PERSPECTIVE

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Forbes + CommerceNext: How Augmented Reality Is Giving Furniture A Boost In Sales

ARTICLE SUMMARY: It seems like every category has taken a spin in the ecommerce limelight since the online shopping concept took off with consumers through books and music. Now, it’s finally furniture’s turn to take center stage with help from some cutting edge augmented reality technology that brings the showroom to your living room. Make way for the new furniture-tech wave. Modsy and William Sonoma, Inc. (WSI) lead the charge in this uncharted home furnishings tech space, integrated 3D augmented reality and 3D rendering to allow consumers a virtual furniture “try out”. Better than fumbling around a store with a tape measure and

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CommerceNext Guide to the mega ecommerce conference: NRF Big Show

In preparation for the NRF Big Show beginning January 14th in NYC, we’ve collected our main must-sees and must-dos for you. Not only are all three CommerceNext co-founders taking the stage, several from the CommerceNext community are attending and hosting their own events, as well. Whether you’re an NRF novice or Big Show boss, navigating and making the most of your time is always a challenge at multi-day events like these. Here’s our favorites from this year’s lineup to get you started: Allan Dick leading the NRF Innovation Lab Stage. Sit back and get inspired with 15 sessions of the latest and greatest

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Forbes + CommerceNext: How Jet Is Stocking Walmart With Innovation

ARTICLE SUMMARY: Feel like you’re constantly seeing alerts about big, game-changing acquisitions and then reading about the acquired company’s quick deterioration just a few months later? We do, too—which is why we found the Jet/Walmart deal so refreshing. Unlike most, Walmart is actually encouraging Jet to maintain its entrepreneurial spirit with the intention of leveraging Jet and its executives to transform Walmart’s entire digital business. This piqued our interest, so CommerceNext co-founder and Forbes contributor, Veronika Sonsev, sat down with Jet’s President, Liza Landsman, to understand how the two companies are innovating together. Instead of enforcing its established processes and procedures on,

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Forbes + CommerceNext: You Can Win On Amazon With Three Simple Strategies

ARTICLE SUMMARY: Amazon is the largest ecommerce platform in the US. If you’re a retailer already on the platform, you’re probably wondering how to stand out and increase Amazon sales. If you’re a retailer who hasn’t yet made the leap, Ryan Craver would say you’re missing out. With his three key tactics, Craver makes it seem like a cinch to launch or increase Amazon sales. First, perfect the art of the product page. From reviews to interactive imagery to copy, how you position your product and utilize the content of the product page makes or breaks a sale. Second, market and actively drive customers to

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Emily Hickey, Facebook Advertising Expert

Forbes + CommerceNext: The Secrets To Profitably Acquiring Customers On Facebook

ARTICLE SUMMARY: Everyone’s on Facebook. How can you possibly increase your returns when it seems like every competitor also advertises on the platform, and the tools are constantly evolving? Emily Hickey (former COO of Lolly Wolly Doodle) truly believes in the power of Facebook advertising. And with her company, Instant Ad Copy, she proves to clients daily that she knows all the tricks to make them believers, too. CommerceNext co-founder, Veronika Sonsev, in her Forbes retail series, interviewed Emily for a small glimpse into how she garners such high returns and robust customer acquisition results with Facebook advertising. Frequently employing strategies foreign and

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Forbes + CommerceNext: Miki Berardelli On Building A Brand From The Ground Up

ARTICLE SUMMARY: With deep retail roots and pure entrepreneurial spirit, Miki Berardelli traversed through the top ranks of international retailers like Chico’s and Ralph Lauren to land at the helm of a uniquely innovative children’s retail subscription service — KIDBOX. CommerceNext co-founder, Veronika Sonsev, dips into Miki’s secret sauce for success in an exclusive interview about startup and social media strategy (first published on Combining her ecommerce entrepreneurship and proven marketing tactics from traditional retail models, Miki’s helped catapult KIDBOX’s growth. Organic social media hacks evangelize both her product and the company’s philanthropic principles while cutting edge technology ensures customers receive the

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Dermstore President, Cathy Beaupain, speaks with CommerceNext co-founder, Veronika Sonsev.

Forbes + CommerceNext: How To Manage Your Ecommerce Business Like A Video Game 

ARTICLE SUMMARY: We’ve all spent an hour – or seven – engrossed in a Zynga mobile game. What pulled us in and what kept our interest? The same principles we should be using in retail to attain and build customer lifetime value. From A/B testing to extensive data analytics, Cathy Beaupain (Dermstore President) breaks down what retailers can learn from pro gamers in a Forbes interview with CommerceNext co-founder, Veronika Sonsev. Zynga knew from the get-go it had to focus as heavily on the target customer as it did on its technology. Balancing the two disciplines – customer learning and data analysis –

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