Hot Topics for CommerceNext 2023: The Ecommerce Growth Show

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CommerceNext 2023: The Ecommerce Growth Show is returning to the heart of commerce on June 20-21, 2023 at the New York Hilton Midtown. This year’s ecommerce conference is set to be our biggest event yet, so we are taking you behind the scenes of the programming and giving you a sneak peek of what to expect.

In order to collect the most important themes and topics for CN 2023, CommerceNext’s new Chief Content Officer, Jill Dvorak joined forces with CommerceNext Co-Founders Veronika Sonsev, Scott Silverman and Allan Dick. Jill joined CommerceNext in early December 2022 from NRF where she ran content programming. Before that, Jill ran ecommerce for National Geographic.

The team believes the community is where all of the answers live, so they leveraged insights from a variety of industry sources to pull together what is needed for the 2023 ecommerce conference. This includes guidance from the CommerceNext Advisory Board, data from our retailer and consumer surveys fielded throughout the year and ongoing conversations with our community of ecommerce executives.

All of these resources and data points collectively reveal the most crucial topics needing airtime at the 2023 ecommerce conference, including:

  1. Scaling Marketing Creative for Customer Acquisition
  2. Adapting Your Media Mix to Match Privacy Changes
  3. Navigating Macroeconomic Obstacles Like Inflation and a Potential Recession

Scaling Marketing Creative

We’re possibly heading into a recession and your marketing campaigns have to cover just as much ground (if not more than ever before), with likely less budget. In order to continue optimizing customer experience in this environment, brands are looking to enhance and extend both owned and creator content, but how are they doing it?

One of the ways (which we will cover at the summit) is through vCommerce. Video commerce provides a different form of personalization for consumers, and has proven to be very successful. Our community should capitalize on video content, especially in short form. This personalized content can be product videos, lifestyle implementation and more.

Despite what content creation method brands choose to use in order to scale marketing creative, testing is imperative for success. Experimenting with new forms of content and keeping your mind open to new marketing opportunities will allow your brand’s creative to never stop evolving. Come to CommerceNext 2023 for extensive testing strategies in order to reach your audience in the most effective way possible.

Shifting Marketing Media Mix in Lieu of Privacy Changes

At CN 2023, we will provide the tips and tricks you need to acquire customers in an innovative way, sans cookies.

New privacy regulations have impacted every aspect of the retail industry, and marketing is no exception. The death of the cookie has affected how marketers collect data, target consumers, measure the customer journey and more. However, we marketers can’t say no to a challenge, so brands have been testing new ways to find audiences and track customer behavior without the need for cookies, including moving budgets away from Meta and into new channels like TikTok and connected TV.

Profitability Through Inflation

It’s no secret that the United States macroeconomic state and looming recession have the retail industry spooked. According to the November U.S. Census Bureau commerce report, retail sales were down 0.6 percent (±0.5 percent) from the previous month. However, despite these industry spending changes, marketing teams are expected to continue acquiring and retaining customers at the same rate. It is crucial that brands’ marketing strategies adapt to the current economic struggles and make the most out of the situation at hand.

Some companies believe the right move is discounting, or just general price changes. However, many marketers believe a change in messaging is a helpful tactic to stay afloat during these trying times. Brands must find a successful balance between consumers’ competing spending priorities i.e. experiences, goods, travel etc. among inflationary pressures. The CommerceNext team will deliver an esteemed group of experts focused on helping you keep your business prosperous.


While these topics certainly do not exhaust everything we plan to discuss at the 2023 Ecommerce Growth Show, we do believe they are some of the most important pieces our attendees will capture from the conference.

Despite the macroeconomic challenges our world is facing due to post-pandemic life, the retail and ecommerce industries have continued to grow and evolve every day. This is why it is more important than ever that CommerceNext brings together top executives in the industry to lead, support and coach our community on where to go next.

Don’t miss exploring these topics and more from 100+ industry executives across 50+ sessions at the 2023 ecommerce conference! Learn more about CN2023 here and register today

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