Session Recap: The Untapped ROI of Caring Post Sale

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The stress and uncertainty of Covid-19 makes caring for customers more important than ever. In the session The Untapped ROI of Caring Post Sale, Ethan Bourland, Business Developer at Shipup and Jeoffrey Jouannet, VP Care & Retention at Japhy discussed best practices and benefits of post sale customer service.

Watch the full session on our Youtube Channel or read the recap below.


Caring for your customers is critical for retention, but it must be genuine. Since competition is always fierce and customers have their pick of where to buy, crafting a post-purchase experience that nurtures and builds confidence in a brand is key to keeping them around. 

Post-Sales Care Leads to Loyalty

Loyalty and operational efficiency naturally lead to better bottom lines. But, offering a stellar product and thoughtful customer service isn’t enough to induce loyalty and brand advocacy these days. The majority of customers have spent nearly a year almost exclusively ordering online and this raised the expectations bar drastically. Now, customer journeys and customer service should include proactive post-purchase activities that show the brand really cares about customer satisfaction. 

Luckily, these proactive post-purchase customer service measures that so many shoppers now expect have the added benefits of reducing costs, increasing operational efficiencies and bringing in more customer referrals. Actions like providing order and tracking information before a customer asks for it are easy to automate and keep customers happy.


In order to measure the effectiveness of your post-sale care program, Bourland recommends the following KPIs:

  • Increasing revenue—NPS score (send post-delivery survey on every order)
  • Decreasing cost—cost per contact 
  • Decreasing cost—contact rate

Shipup and Japhy worked together to create a resource providing best practices for finding ROI and the best KPIs while using a customer support tool. The following image shows a few pre-purchase and post-purchase support tickets, which can be used to determine where you have untapped ROI. 

Case Study: Cheerz

Jouannet’s previous company, Cheerz, partnered with Shipup to identify issues and opportunities for improvement. Focusing on the KPI of post-order contact ratio, they found that over 70% of post-order contacts were related to delivery issues. This meant the team spent a significant amount of time answering emails about order locations and the time spent on post-order questions took away from resources needed to answer pre-order questions. When they added their own tracking pages for customers and provided more extensive information, they saw positive results:

  • NPS score increased from 70 to 77
  • Support tickets due to delivery decreased 55%
  • Refunds and coupons due to delivery decreased 49%

This was hugely impactful for their customer support, creating higher efficiency and allowing for more time spent on pre-order questions and issues preventing sales.

Overall, caring can reduce cost and is not impossible or impractical—it’s quite achievable!

Watch the full session on our Youtube Channel and learn more about Shipup’s recommendations for post-purchase care.