New Personalization Research

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Our newest research report focuses on better understanding the relationship between customers’ personalization experience and their ideas about data privacy. 

We partnered with The Commerce Experience Collective (CommX), Bizrate, and Coresight Research to poll over 1,000 shoppers of different ages and income on: 

  1. Their desire for personalization throughout ecommerce experiences. 
  2. Their willingness to exchange personal data for personalization.


  • Which groups of consumers appreciate personalization the most, and which care most about privacy.
  • What aspects of personalization consumers notice and prefer more than others.
  • The impact of consumers’ privacy concerns on their personalization preferences.

Download the free report here.

Personalization Preferences

One of our major findings is that consumers of all ages are more likely to buy from retailers that cater to their preferences. 

The age group from 30-39 was most likely to strongly agree with buying from retailers that focus on their preferences, but the other age groups were not far behind. The great majority of each age group expressed that they are more likely to buy from retailers that know their preferences. 

(see below Chart 2)


Balancing Data Privacy 

Even though consumers prefer personalization when shopping, they are also more aware than ever about the risks associated with data privacy. 

Two-thirds of consumers are interested in having their preferences saved if they know their data is being stored securely. Yet, a supermajority of consumers also report being very concerned about how retailers use their personal information and data.

(see below Chart 7)


It is more crucial than ever to maintain a strategy of catering to preferences for customers while also prioritizing the protection of consumers’ data.

Read the full report now to learn strategies for retailers to gain customers’ trust such as:

  1. Showing restraint
  2. Taking extra care when communicating
  3. Wowing consumers with unique customer journeys
  4. And more!