Marketing Summit Series Spotlight: Day 3

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Day 3 of the Marketing Summit Series was our last packed day of the series and covered two themes: Geeking Out on Data & Attribution and Future Proofing & The Marketing Org. If you weren’t able to attend or just want to revisit your favorite topics, we’ve outlined the main takeaways from each session below. You can also watch all the videos on our Youtube Channel.

Session: What Gets Measured Gets Managed: Building a Data-Driven Culture

Charlie Cole, CEO of FTD

  • Before establishing goals for a data-driven culture, first understand your realities (structure, board priorities and who your boss is) and then ask questions like: what format should your data be in, what are the key metrics and does everyone know them and, most importantly and are you combining data across functions/departments?
  • Data scientists and analysts should not be query pullers—automate data distribution to allow your data scientists to focus on finding new insights.
  • Data democratization allows for your employees to have access to all the data they need, streamlining data collection.

Session: Turning Customer Insights Into Ecommerce Growth Opportunities

Lucie Buisson, Chief Product Officer at Contentsquare
Ekta Chopra, Chief Digital Officer at E.L.F. BEAUTY

  • The latest report by CommerceNext and Contentsquare shows that customers’ main priorities for online shopping are seamless navigation, engagement and transparency.
  • Don’t just uncover insights about your customer. Take action and leverage the data you collect.
  • Creating content for your community that highlights your brand’s values may actually drive conversion, even if that’s not its intent.

Panel: Marketing Attribution In Support Of A Full-funnel Strategy

Bob Sherwin, VP of Marketing at Wayfair
Suruchi Shukla, VP of Omnichannel Growth Marketing at Tailored Brands
Houman Akhavan, CMO at
Amanda Elam, CMO at Exponea
Elizabeth Krause, VP Digital at Speedo/Pentland Brands NA

  • Maintaining a “healthy sense of paranoia” will ensure you keep working to improve your attribution models rather than settling for your current one.
  • For brands who’ve had to move online after having a brick and mortar presence, focus on understanding your customer—go deep into segmentation and become hyper targeted.
  • Utilize custom attribution models that allow you to take real-time signals into consideration.

Session: Draper James: Analyzing the Impact of SMS on the Customer Journey

Helen Nightingale, VP of Ecommerce at Draper James
Elizabeth Ray, VP Client Strategy at Attentive

  • SMS has a 99% message open rate and 30+% click through rates. It also drives 10x more revenue than email messages.
  • Customers want to receive messages from the right brand at the right time. Don’t batch and blast, segment your customers to deliver a better SMS experience.
  • If you need inspiration for SMS content, try out: exclusive content for loyal customers, location-based content and journey-based content.

Panel: The Marketing Org: Building a Team for Today’s Growth Challenges

Billy May, Chief Customer Officer at J.Crew
Jennifer Olsen, CMO at UNTUCKit
Shawna Hausman, CMO at Health-E Commerce
Vanja B. Brzin, VP Product Marketing at Celtra
Rob Schmults, Executive Board at MidOcean Partners

  • The days of ecommerce and marketing as separate functions are over. Ecommerce and marketing teams must be symbiotic.
  • Push to improve both ends of the spectrum: analytics and creative.
  • Teamwork and specifically cross-functional teamwork creates a more in-depth approach to marketing. Creatives love to see the impact of their work and are inspired by the data, so work together to utilize the strengths of each team.

Session: Embracing U.S. Hispanic Growth in Your Marketing Strategy: Learn Why and How

Roberto Ruiz, Executive Vice President, Research, Insights & Analytics at Univision
Janna Navarro, Sr. Director, Brand Media Strategy & Planning at HomeAdvisor

  • U.S Hispanics are 19% of the current U.S. population, and 56% of the projected total growth by 2030. Don’t leave them behind in your marketing strategies.
  • The best way to market to them is through TV: in Univision’s survey, U.S. Hispanics reported that ads on TV felt more legitimate and built brand trust more than on non-TV channels.
  • HomeAdvisor put this into practice: they ran TV ads and increased brand awareness by 7 points in just 4 weeks. Viewers who saw the ads were 2.5x more likely to search for the brand online.

Session: Why Marketing Needs to Own the Customer Journey

Stefan Nandzik, SVP, Brand Experience at Signifyd
Emily Culp, CEO at CoverFX

  • Brand can’t be controlled, but customer experience can. This is why marketing needs to own the customer journey rather than be solely focused on brand efforts.
  • Brands are launching their own DTC because they realize that they need to take ownership —bad customer experience can decrease CLV, and not relying on 3rd party gives you more control
  • Omnichannel marketers should focus on KPIs such as increasing market share, growing not only top line growth but profitable growth, increasing lifetime value and securing future distribution.

Session: Making Retail More Inclusive

Deborah Yeh, CMO at Sephora

  • Sephora’s study on racial bias in retail in the U.S. showed that 2 out of 3 BIPOC shoppers experienced poor treatment, and the shopping experience had roadblocks such as products being hidden and shoppers feeling watched and being less catered to than white shoppers. This isn’t news to BIPOC shoppers, but was a wake-up call to Sephora to create a robust action plan.
  • Yeh called out to the entire retail industry, saying: “If we can spend time obsessing over things like load time pages and CLV, we surely have time and energy to think about an issue that deeply affects our consumers.”

Take inspiration from Sephora’s progress and goals. They have committed to:

  • Improving representation in front of and behind the camera
  • Expanding the breadth of content to meet BIPOC client’s needs
  • Improving accessibility through closed captioned videos
  • Re-configuring how they scout and vet brands and partners in the long-term
  • Elevating more BIPOC brands
  • Doubling the number of Black-owned brands they carry in the next year
  • Creating new resource toolkits for hiring managers
  • And expanding existing partnerships and emerging new talent programs.

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