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Keep Calm And Measure On

keep calm and measure on

How Retailers Can Measure And Market Better In The New Privacy Landscape

Today, retailers have the opportunity to engage with more ecommerce customers than ever before, but it comes at a point when traditional data-driven marketing is forever changed, and regulators and Big Tech are inching toward giving consumers more control over their data. These new parameters require some significant rewiring of the way we, as an industry, implement our acquisition and retention strategies — and the way we measure our success.

Our June 2021 survey of 104 high-level retail and brand marketing leaders discovers how digital-first and incumbent retailers are adapting their first-party data marketing and measurement strategies to this new environment.

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This report:

  • Studies the impacts and challenges felt by a post-cookie environment.
  • Finds out how retailers are strategizing past new privacy restrictions.
  • Reveals how prepared our industry is overall to maneuver and measure through the next phase of privacy.
  • Offers recommendations for retailers wanting more robust measurement solutions using first-party data.

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