Forbes + CommerceNext: Interview with Kelli Durkin (Chewy)

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A pet supply ecommerce company pulling in a multi-billion dollar pricetag? How does that happen? Kelli Durkin, VP of Customer Service at Chewy (the online pet store recently acquired by PetSmart) told CommerceNext’s Veronika Sonsev exactly why stellar customer service can be a company’s biggest asset.

Rather than being looked at as a resources drain or the first place to go for implementing cutbacks, Chewy has, from Day 1, invested deeply in customer service. They played the long game, knowing consideration, care and quality people would make all the difference when going up against other multi-brand pet supply sellers like Amazon. From hand written postcards to upbeat attitudes, Chewy’s customer service team is one of the biggest reasons for its cult-like following from customers.

Just efficiently handling customer concerns and questions isn’t enough for this team. Every customer needs to be WOWed by the Chewy experience, so much so they even created a team named after this strategy (the WOW Team), who executes on customer service agent requests. Highly trained with special listening techniques, agents make note of fly-by comments by customers and act on them, creating a culture of perpetual delight. If a customer mentions an upcoming birthday or anniversary in passing, the Chewy team sends flowers to that home. “Above and beyond” is a normal, natural pace for the Chewy agents, and it pays off big.

Learn more about Chewy’s delightful (and profitable) customer service strategies in the full piece as originally published in Forbes.

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