CommerceNext + GiftNow: A Partnership That Keeps On Giving

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Everyone likes getting gifts. And, CommerceNext loves giving gifts to people who are part of our community. Sometimes, however, you may like that gift even more if it were a different color or better fitting size. Or, maybe a different style all together would suit your taste better. Perhaps the gift arrived at your old address and now you have to coordinate pickup. 

With these nuances of gift-giving in mind, CommerceNext is announcing a new partnership with Loop Commerce for gifting using their GiftNow solution. Now, CommerceNext will be able to confidently give gifts to our community we know they will end up loving.

GiftNow is a gifting platform that improves the gift-giving process to ensure true satisfaction among both the gifter and the giftee. When consumers are trying to buy a physical product as a gift for someone else, but encounter obstacles, such as not knowing the right size, color preferences and shipping address, they can use GiftNow. Using GiftNow, a gift-giver “buys” a gift for someone and that someone is then notified by email or text message with a digital gifting experience that delivers delight. The recipient has the opportunity to change the color or size, find something a bit different and enter the address where they would like to receive the gift – all before it is shipped. GiftNow works with brands including Target, Uniqlo, Saks Fifth Avenue, Coach, Kate Spade and others.

CommerceNext partnered with the GiftNow team at Loop Commerce this year so we can utilize this customized service when giving gifts to the attendees at our 40 regional dinners around the country. We will also use GiftNow to give gifts to our CommerceNext conference speakers and other valued community members, such as attendees at our networking parties.

We like to think that our dinners, conferences and parties are already great opportunities for networking, information-sharing and learning. Now, we’re putting the icing on the cake with everyone taking home a nice gift. 

So, don’t look a gift horse in the mouth (sorry, I can’t resist a corny pun) and make sure to accept the next invitation you receive for a CommerceNext event.