CN 2022 Tips: Innovative Ecommerce Experiences & Scaling Marketing for Growth

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It’s no secret that customer expectations regarding your brand and the overall customer experience are increasing. To address this, many retail and DTC brands are looking to innovate and expand upon ecommerce experiences in a variety of ways to, overall, grow their business. At CommerceNext 2022, industry professionals came together during two breakout tracks to discuss their strategies and tactics to innovate ecommerce experiences and scale marketing for growth. Read on for a recap, a link to the video recording and a notable quote from each session.

Breakout Track: Innovative Ecommerce Experiences

How REVOLVE Reinvented the Mobile Shopping Experience


  • Using data analysis can help you recognize signals that indicate digital customers are ready to engage with our brand.
  • Best practices for building cohesive messaging programs across email, SMS and apps, and discussed new ways to improve mobile shopping experiences. 

Lucy Zhu Marketing Tip

First-Party Data: The Key to Relevancy in Ecommerce


  • The impending death of the cookie has forced brands to truly understand their consumers and their preferences on a one-to-one level. 
  • Collecting more first-party data can help further personalize ecommerce pre and post-purchase, overall improving the customer experience.

Hello Fresh Marketing Tip

How Vera Bradley Uses a Full-Funnel View of the Shopper Journey To Unlock Growth in an Uncertain World


  • Vera Bradley deals with rising user acquisition costs, exploding fulfillment and omnichannel costs and a looming recession by taking a full-funnel view of customer lifetime value that incorporates optimizing cohort profitability.

Daren Hull Marketing Tip

Christmas In June: Optimizing Ecommerce for the Gift Buyer


  • It is extremely beneficial for retailers to understand the gift shopping journey to maximize gifting revenues.
  • Promotions can help defend margins and the opportunity to gain two customers with every gifting transaction.

Chip Overstreet Marketing Tip

Breakout Track: Scaling Marketing for Growth

Elevating Audience Targeting in a Cookieless World


  • Using first-party data, as well as a new strategy called self-attested personalization, can help foster deep customer relationships with new communities.

Samir Desai Marketing Tip

Optimizing Digital Engagement and Sales Across The Funnel


  • How DTC brands are using display ads to increase both personalization and prospecting throughout their digital customer experience.

Roshan Varma Marketing Tip

Partnership Marketing: A Winning Strategy for Profitable Growth


  • Partnerships can be extremely helpful to ecommerce professionals by creating new, cost-effective ecommerce revenue streams to drive lasting, high-quality customer acquisition.

Emily Chan Marketing Tip

The Content Machine That Turned Jenni Kayne into a $100m+ Brand in 3 Years


  • Jenni Kayne built the creative infrastructure to feed social marketing platforms on a week-in/week-out basis by focusing not only on marketing their products to consumers but instead on promoting a lifestyle with their creative messaging and imagery.

Emily Hickey Marketing Tip

Staying relevant during the ever-changing landscape of our world is incredibly challenging for all marketers at retail and DTC brands. The speakers and sessions in these two breakout tracks, along with the rest of those featured at CommerceNext 2022 were dedicated to helping you and your brand seize the next wave of growth. Check out our YouTube channel for more content from this year’s ecommerce conference, and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter for more updates on exciting events to come!